Protecting The Consumer and The Locksmith Industry     Updated 11/06/12

Application Form


Company Name



Phone Number with area code




Physical Address




Both Services provided



ALOA Membership number (if applicable)


Other Association Name & Membership number (if applicable)


Without proof of  a membership with a recognized Locksmith organization your application WILL NOT be considered for listing.  For a listing of national Locksmith organizations CLICK HERE.


Print this page and fax to (773) 409-3256 along with a copy of your Occupational License in the State you perform services for approval and listing.  Please note if you have a Storefront, Mobile Locksmith or both.




In the process of verifying EACH Locksmith company; we reserve the right to contact any and all organizations we feel necessary to confirm submitted information to be true and accurate.  If any information provided is found to be false than we reserve the right to deny and/or remove ANY Locksmith company on this website without notice.  Confirmation process and posting to website can take up to 5 business days, you will be notified by email address provided if you are declined a posting to this site.

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